Sunday School Teacher Aides

Sunday School forms the backbone of spiritual education, Biblical instruction and relationship building at Immanuel. To assist our teachers in finding helpful perspectives on the focal passages used in the Chronological Bible Discipleship study, we have provided the following links to a few teacher and commentary sites that are known to exist on the web. They provide some extra implements for your toolbox to develop logical and contemporary applications to the timeless lessons of God's Word. If you have any suggestions for other helpful teacher sites that we can post a link to, drop us a line at



Teacher Aids for Explore the Bible Cirruculum

Chronological Bible Discipleship

Uploaded lesson outline notes and Powerpoint presentations for each of the 2012 Sunday School lessons. These are the materials created by Dr. May and Iva speicifically for teaching CDB as a year-long study plan for Sunday morning Bible study. Also included are other teachers notes and Powerpoint presentations that can be downloaed and used by the membership for refresher or more indepth personal study.

Click on the picture or title above to see the list of available materials.

Books of the Bible

Dr. Danny Akin, president of Southeastern Seminary, presents studies and outlines of individual books of the Bible. Each is useful for breaking down the content of the "Through the Bible" lessons. Click on the link, and select the book of the Bible that applies to the current study.


Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway offers almost every known Bible translation. Several of the translations on this site provide detailed footnotes and references to the related scriptures that can prove useful in finding supporting verses between Old and New testament passages.


Mississippi Baptists Lesson Commentary

The Miss. Baptist Convention provides a weekly commentary on the current Lifeway lessons. Written by MBC staff, it can offer useful perspectives on the focal passages, based on personal thoughts and study.

A mega site providing Biblical answers to contemporary questions for all age groups. 45,000 different files with useful resources for the Bible teacher.

Florida Baptist Witness

Another state convention generated teacher commentary on the current Lifeway quarterly series.

Containing 9448 entries cross-referenced and cross-linked to other resources, this encyclopedia offers an extensive reference resource. A practical, authoritative, and complete classic reference encyclopedia explains every significant word in the Bible and Apocrypha. It gives detailed information on the language and literature of Bible lands, and the historical and religious environments of the people of the Bible in articles by nearly 200 scholars.

Click on the 'Explore the Bible Helps' link to access a broad overview of both the focal and background passages of the Lifeway study series. These commentaries are written by Dr. Sam Tullock, professor of history at Collin County Community College in Plano, Texas.

Teaching Lifeway Lessons

This is a personal study website and resource guide maintained by an adult Sunday school teacher at Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. He posts links to download his and other teachers' PowerPoint slides for the Lifeway lessons as well as other related Bible study resources. 



Lifeway EXTRA!

Adult Extra! provides supplemental teaching ideas based on current events to help enhance the timeliness and effectiveness of both the Bible Studies for Life and Explore the Bible printed Bible study curriculum.



Bayleaf Baptist Church Study Packets

Written by Dr. Jerry Meyer, education minister at Bayleaf Baptist Chruch in Raleigh, NC, these extensive verse by verse commentaries on the lesson passages are helpful for checking the direction and validity of each teacher's personal approach. The tools are published in weekly pdf files that can be printed or saved to your own computer for future reference.




Teacher Notes from Past Study of Romans

Click on the link above to access teacher notes from the 2005 study of the Book of Romans. Resources include outline notes and Powerpoint slides for almost all of the previous Explore the Bible study.